ALTERLIFE FITNESS EXCELLENCE CYPRUS is a Cypriot business consulting company which is able to provide premium consulting services to either existing or newly formed businesses, in the following fields: Strategy, culture & structure – Architectural Design – Marketing – Sales – Training – IT and administration.
Here at ALTERLIFE FITNESS EXCELLENCE CYPRUS we have thoroughly studied the fitness industry and the gym business. Both on the basis of theoretical and on the job consulting, we are in a position to help businesses find their way. It might be as simple as that!
The consultants of ALTERLIFE FITNESS EXCELLENCE CYPRUS, with their proven experience in the fitness industry and long lasting collaborations with leading worldwide companies such as the German Greinwalder & Partners, has formulated a strategy and culture and has put in place a central and local infrastructure to lead the fitness industry both in Greece and Cyprus in the following decade. It is difficult to put a strategy in place and it is even more difficult to implement it. This is the reason why very few businesses, and not only in the fitness industry, proceed on the basis of a strategy. In the modern business environment, the conditions continuously change at a fast rate and businesses are continuously required to change and re-define themselves to survive. How quickly and successfully they manage changes in cultures and structures, is vitally important.
ALTERLIFE FITNESS EXCELLENCE CYPRUS has analysed the requirements by continuously collecting feedback from all gyms that already function and it proceeds to design, in accordance with the architectural study and the photo realistic plans of construction works. A strategically designed area; an aim to maximise profit, ideally serve the members of a gym and minimise the operational cost. Any mistakes in the initial design, in addition to the hardship and increase of the cost of investment, in many cases prove to be fatal. In addition to this, do not underestimate the importance of hotel services provided at the gym both at the stage of sales and during the whole term of the subscription of a member. Aesthetics and architecture are of a great importance to us here at ALTERLIFE FITNESS EXCELLENCE.
It is the art of placing a service on a market. You are invited to design protocols and services, Product- Service, to cost and price them, to choose the right place- facility location where you will provide them and use all the direct and indirect methods and practices to promotebrand both them and the brand of the fitness club; to choose and train the appropriate providers of the People Service; to assess and compensate them correctly so that the member enjoys a perfect service that covers his requirement through an excellent process in a complete hotel area, Physical evidence, which truly respects the member. These are the sevenPs” of the MARKETING OF SERVICES and in ALTERLIFE FITNESS EXCELLENCE CYPRUS we have upgraded them to ultimate science.
A natural talent or the result of continuous training and persistent processes? Our sales are based on the following: Opening, exploration, presentation, objection handling and commitmentclosure. The whole process is completely sentimental; it aims to “open up” the potential member and win his trust; make him confide his problem-requirement to us; propose him a solution that will cover his need with confidence, respect and safety, lift even the last doubt-objection always insisting to covering his needs. This shall only take place if we win the trust of our prospective members.
There cannot be a high quality of the services provided without continuous training in all fields. Both at the technical subject of each position and management skills. In addition to the initial heavy training to all our new partners, we carry out regular and extraordinary training when necessary. In any case, it is routine at an Alterlife gym and in the whole organisation to perpetually try to improve and develop our executives.
ERP oriented and customized to cover the needs of the modern fitness club. Key Performance indicators, throughout every process in order to measure, assess and compare the quality of our service and the performance of our people. This will lead to successful decision making and strategic planning.