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The development of ALTERLIFE would not have been so if we did not have TAOUSANIS DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUSCTION to support us with credibility and consistency in the technical-constructional part. Having already fully realized the needs and philosophy of ALTERLIFE, TAOUSANIS DEVELOPMENT CONSTRUSCTION are delivering timely, trouble-free and well-engineered projects. The philosophy of architect Apostolos Labrou maintains a common design pattern that associates all the clubs with each other, combining innovations, styles and materials in a magical way. We would like to thank Nikos Taousanis and Christos Skrekas for meeting our almost unreasonable demands by always making the best possible.

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Our first and main partner to help us improve the quality of the nutrition service, a service whose strategic importance in achieving the result is indisputable. By training our dieticians, nutritionists and our trainees, Power Health will transfer the tremendous know-how it possesses, as well as its passion – vision for proper nutrition. All this to help you achieve faster and more effectively all of your fitness goals.